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Suspended Animations is a small, independent publishing company devoted to producing biology lab manuals that serve students, teachers, and lab technicians. Quality service is our hallmark.


Suspended Animations is located in a rural mountain area outside of San Diego, California. Founded in 1986, Suspended Animations Publishing is devoted to the production of quality lab books written for general biology college students. More than 500 teachers and 100,000 students at dozens of colleges across the country have used our books.

Teachers and technicians are important additions to our staff. They offer suggestions to improve the labs. Their ideas are likely to be included in the very next print run. Our customers continually help us make our books better. No other publisher of biology lab books uses this approach.

Suspended Animations creates helpful supplementary materials for the lab books. The “Instructor Guides” quickly orient new teachers, and can be used by student tutors. The “Lab Tech Guides” are full of useful information for setting up lab experiments. We have also developed a set of “Lab Signs” to identify lab set-ups and organize student activities in the classroom. These Lab Signs are FREE to those who adopt our books.

Imagine the feeling of teaching biology lab and leaving the stress behind! Our books provide the excellence you've been looking for. Call us and talk with a representative. Customer service at Suspended Animations is what you get when contacting our publishing company. You will be personally assisted in answering your inquiries, production questions, and placing bookstore orders.

It is our mission to evolve and serve our customers well. Review the Teacher Resources section for suggestions and tips for teaching general biology. Everything is created with your teaching experience in mind.

Get To Know The Author

Michael B. Clark was always destined to be an author. His Master’s Thesis, "Distribution and Seasonal Dynamics of Animal Populations in San Diego Beaches", is still being referenced today by students at many colleges around the United States. In addition, it is currently being referenced by consultants for coastal restoration projects.

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