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Suspended Animations took the time to do something for you. We created the best lab books in America!

Would you like choices in the mix of lab topics and layout styles?

How about more time to interact with your students?

Or maybe you are looking for some cost effective labs?

With our books we take the worries away and provide you with quality of content in your lab program. Our step-by-step approach allows your students to become self-directed. Our labs have been perfected in the classroom by more than 200,000 students. Our labs are easy to setup and maintain. Best of all, our labs are a fraction of the typical cost!.


How to Choose

There are three main differences in the books we offer:

  • Approach
  • Layout Style
  • Topics Covered

The newest editions of Laboratory Investigations, Human Biology Lab Book, and Human Physiology Lab Book have more introductory material for each lab and have special sections covering the application of concepts. These are longer labs than in the previous editions and are in a 2-column style layout. The bulk of the text is in the larger right hand column. The smaller left hand column highlights important points and allows room for notes. We will continue publishing the previous editions of these books for colleges that prefer more concise labs. The one lab book that is most different in approach and layout style is Biology Lab Book. It presents the simplest approach and designed in open style with many instructional illustrations. Sample chapters of each book can be found at the bottom of each book page.

Review our book matrices to compare lab topics between our books.

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Who has used our books

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Laboratory Investigations Lab Book
Fourth Edition, © 2016
ISBN 978-1-885380-02-9
477 Pages
22 Chapters

This is the newest version of our most popular general biology lab book. Labs cover the traditional breadth of topics plus several applied and popular human focused labs. And more introduction, discussion, and application of concepts has been added to this new edition.

Human Physiology Lab Book
First Edition, © 2015
ISBN 978-1-885380-10-4
424 Pages
19 Chapters

This lab book is an updated and modified version of our first physiology lab book in 1980. That lab book (Physiology Lab) was extremely successful for many years. It wasn't until recently that we had the opportunity to rewrite that golden oldie for the current market. You will find the approach of this physiology lab book to be very well tested, and we think you will be impressed at its appropriateness and effectiveness for the health care students of today.

Human Biology Lab Book
Fourth Edition, © 2016
ISBN 978-1-885380-15-9
541 Pages
26 Chapters

This book is far and away our largest lab book. It is jam packed with applicable human labs that can be used in a focused human biology course or in a general biology course. The survey of microbes, plants, and animals have been replaced with additional human focused labs that are not in our other general biology lab books (Biology Lab Book and Laboratory Investigations).

Biology Lab Book
Fourth Edition, © 2011
ISBN 978-1-885380-01-2
420 Pages
21 Chapters

Traditional plant and animal labs with some human labs including DNA. Designed with an open style, this book has entertaining and instructional illustrations that students love.

Laboratory Investigations
Third Edition, © 2011
ISBN 978-1-885380-00-5
390 Pages
28 Chapters

This book has human labs mixed with traditional plant and animal labs and includes many tutorial labs on unusual topics not commonly found. It is in a 2-column style layout that allows more labs (28) for the same cost. Some schools have found it valuable for their two-semester biology programs.

Laboratory Investigations Abridged
Third Edition, © 2011
ISBN 978-1-885380-65-4
244 Pages
18 Chapters

Designed from Laboratory Investigations, this shortened version provides the best-of-the-best but at a lower cost. This book does not include the unusual topics and tutorials.

Biology Tutor
Third Edition, © 2007
ISBN 978-1-885380-64-7
282 Pages
14 Chapters

This book was another special request lab book that serves as an excellent supplement to any lecture class. It is a stand-alone lab book in that it provides the 'lab experience' without the need for equipment. Unique topics include: Science and Human Perception, Dimensional Realms, Patterns in Nature, in addition to many traditional labs.

Human Biology Lab
Third Edition, © 2007
ISBN 978-1-885380-62-3
370 Pages
21 Chapters

This book was designed by request from teachers who wanted a human oriented lab manual. Similar to Biology Lab Book, it is open style, generously illustrated with student friendly graphics. It has 2 heart labs, 2 kidney labs, diet lab, intuition, circadian rhythm labs and more.

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