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We Love Going Green!

Suspended Animations is passionate about environmental responsibility and is committed to being good stewards of this planet and its natural resources. It is our goal to do business the way we live; by using no more than we need, respect those around us and tread lightly with a small footprint. We recognize that reducing the environmental impact of our products and operations is an important part of the value we deliver to our customers.

We are dedicated to contributing to a sustainable future for our planet through commitment to the 3 “R’s”:

Reduce consumption, waste and pollution
Reuse what we have
Recycle everything we can

Conserving energy, water, and other natural resources.
Compliance with all environmental regulations.
Striving to buy, sell, and use environmentally friendly products. We seek out businesses that are committed to values beyond profit.
Outreach to educating employees, customers and other businesses.

Each day we base our choices on how it will affect the environment and continually look for new ways to conserve and utilize our resources in a more conscious, thoughtful and deliberate way.

All Suspended Animations books are printed and bound in the USA.

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